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At Dance Warehouse performance is the ultimate goal! We encourage all our pupils to take part in our biennial shows which are held at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury. This large theatre has a seating capacity of over 1000 and we fill it for at least 4 performances! Pupils from 3 year olds to adults take part in these shows, which are the culmination of much rehearsal, choreography, costume making and production. All the hard work is always worth it and these productions are often the highlight for pupils of Dance Warehouse.

Past productions have included: The Glass Slipper, The Shoemaker's Tale, Toad and A Second Star on the Right. As the years have gone by the productions have grown in size. For our last performance, Alice , 500 pupils took part!

Above: A Shoemaker's Tale
Below: A Seocnd Star on the Right