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The summer term has arrived! Welcome to Dance Warehouse if you are a new pupil and let’s get dancing.

Last term we were lucky enough to escape without any snow to disrupt classes. It is the first time that has happened for several years. It really makes a difference to us because we run classes quite late into the evenings and getting home in bad weather can be tricky. Our senior pupils, whose classes may be at 8pm to 9pm, are always those who are committed and dedicated. It is a pleasure and privilege that they come and dance with us. They are an inspiration to younger pupils who aspire to be at the top of school. They often help with assisting classes and we encourage a sense of comradery between all ages at Dance Warehouse. I believe it is one of the things that makes Dance Warehouse special.

In March we held our RAD Graded ballet exams on the very last week of term. It meant that pupils in these classes had to practise right to the last minute! Not really to be recommended but we do not have authority to dictate our exam dates and so we have to take what is offered. We also entered RAD Vocational examination candidates at RAD HQ in London. These students will have attended at least 3 classes per week and are especially serious about their dancing. We are still waiting for all the results so fingers crossed. All exams are hard work but our pupil’s gain so much more than a ballet certificate in terms of life skills. Parents are always surprised at what is involved. Well done to everyone and a mention for the teachers who inspire and encourage the candidates needs adding occasionally as well!

This term we will complete all our new RAD syllabus entries and our Grade 3 to 5 pupils will take their exams in June. Entries are due immediately so please can parents sort these out now. Extra examination classes also begin and with only 8 weeks until the exams take place please make sure these are attended. We will also add an extra class in half term to offer the chance for pupils to concentrate on the dance section of the exam. Please see notice board for details.

We are also waiting on several final auditions that some senior pupils have been doing in order to try and gain a place at full time vocational schools of dance. We will always encourage pupils who wish to audition and help in any way we can. It is not easy and is never an unconsidered option. Pupils who wish to have a career in dance must work very hard and have aptitude. It is a tough and short career choice but everyone loves to admire the skills and artistry of a fantastic dancer and life without them would be a lot poorer for us all. We encourage everyone to see dance shows and support dance as well.

Congratulations to IIona Morris for attaining a place with the National Youth Ballet. This is the most prestigious national youth dance group that auditions young dancers from all around the UK and IIona will enjoy a very special experience. Well done!

Likewise Claudia Brice, Emma Lacina-Moser and Erin Padgett who are finalists in SE Awards at RAD HQ in May. They were selected from the Kent heats to take part and we wish them luck in the Finals.

We have been asked to do several extra projects this summer and we have tried to spread the opportunities between as many classes as we can in both Ashford and Canterbury Schools. We will be at the Gulbenkian theatre in June with selected dancers in Hercules; performing at the Armed Forces Day; a school fete and in the Spires Showcase at the Marlowe in July. As we do not have a production of our own this summer these are welcome opportunities for pupils. Please watch the website for details.

We have a supply of satin and leather ballet shoes available for sale in sizes children 7 to adult 6.  If you need new shoes and do not have time to shop elsewhere please ask. Premier dance also comes to Canterbury each term to supply exam shoes.

Pupils in Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop classes should wear a Dance Warehouse T shirt or sweatshirt please for class. This avoids classes becoming fashion conscious and means pupils can concentrate on the steps! Hair must always be worn off the face as this avoids injury to eyes. This rule applies to all classes. Thank you. Remember we do have a second hand box which you are welcome to use.

If there are any problems please ask or email. We try to respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your support.

Alison Clark and Katie Marquis

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Welcome to another year at Dance Warehouse!


Thank you firstly for all the cards and presents and good wishes at Christmas. We all appreciate these. Congratulations to our pianist Paulina (now on maternity leave) who had a baby boy at the end of November called Tobias. Rosemary Cane is currently playing at the Canterbury school alongside Janet Ahmed. Ian Carmalt plays in Ashford. We are very pleased we continue with “live” ballet music in our classes. We are becoming quite unusual in this respect as CDs take over but we do believe it makes a real difference to our students and their musical appreciation. We can embrace technology as well and have the best of both worlds!


We raised a total of almost £700 towards the Dance Warehouse Scholarship fund with our ‘Dancers in Pyjamas’ week and Christmas raffle. We will give details regarding this soon but in essence we hope to support students in providing extra opportunities in their dance training. Thank you for your support.


We have several students entering the RAD SE Awards scheme in January held in Lenham with the finals in London in May. Good luck to them all.


Last term was another busy term at the Warehouse! We performed in 3 Charity events; Dance For Peace in Whitstable; The Youth Festival of Remembrance in Folkestone and A Christmas Collection in Chartham. All required commitment and practise as well as support from families and we are very grateful to everyone who took part and gave up their time to do the shows. It is always fun as well of course and the performers always get a “return on their hard work!” We encourage these extra activities whenever we can fit them in because they do give an opportunity to our students as, after all, we are part of the performing arts and it can’t be all done in the classroom so to speak.


We were asked for two young dancers to take part in Northern Ballet’s production of The Great Gatsby at the Marlowe theatre and congratulations to Lucy and Beth from our Grade 1 class for being chosen and for looking lovely! We took a group of students to see the show and everyone agreed it was one of the best we have seen. This term the Boys class have the chance to go to Sadlers Wells and see The Ballet Boyz which we hope will be inspiring for them and a fun trip. We have a Boys class on Saturday so they have a chance to be a group together. It is always hard to be a minority and that is still the case with dance and boys even after inspiring stories such as Billy Elliot. Even so, we have a committed set of young men whom we like to encourage as much as possible and if you want to try the class please come along!


This term we have some RAD examinations in March with extra coaching starting on Saturdays and Sundays starting immediately. Likewise last term we had exams in Grades 1 to 8 – no results as yet! We also have several vocational level candidates who will take their exams at RAD HQ in London later this term and so we wish everyone luck with these.


 We have set up the system for fee payments to be paid directly into our bank account by Bank transfers or BACs. This will make payments easier for some (still allowing cheques for over £25 and cash as at present.) Details are available at the desk. In the meantime can I remind you that fees are due in advance for each 10 week term and these are non refundable. Thank you.


Finally, may we remind parents of those under 14 years that we do not encourage waiting outside Dance Warehouse in Canterbury on the pavement for collection after classes. Likewise dropping them off and allowing them to come upstairs by themselves. We cannot be responsible for pupils outside the building etc and the building is used by other parties as well. Also please can you be sure to make sure we have up to date contact details at all times. Thank you.


Please note that in bad weather we will update the website if you are at all unsure if classes are running. We always try to keep going but snow can sometimes mean we do change things at times so please do check. Thank you.


We have lost property that needs to be collected and our second hand system is always ready for extra contributions. Ask at desk if required.


Premier Dancewear will be at Dance Warehouse Canterbury to sell new dance shoes and dancewear on Saturday 10th January 9.30 am – 1pm.


We do not really advertise our classes at Dance Warehouse as you are our best adverts! Please encourage any new friends who may be interested in joining us at either school for this new year. They would be very welcome. Remember our moto is “Dancing Feet are Happy Feet!” Either call us or our website is for more information and a try out class is free! Thank you for your support but if you have any problems please let us know we will do our best to sort them out.


Alison Clark and Katie Marquis

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The Guardian News paper shows our Eloise Harris and Oliver Webb in a story about the Marlowe Theatre. Click the picture to read the story.